19 July 2010


Thank you to ALL who were there at the July 17th fundraiser event at Selby Studios in Culver City, CA! Thank you to those who donated food, drinks, money, plants, raffle prizes, time to decorate...not to mention our captionist, interpreters, emcee, ticket takers, graphic designer, photographers, drummers, performers, crew, cast, and the dude who let us use his studio. There are so many who are making this happen, and we are proud to have a growing family.

-The Production Team

07 July 2010

Indie GoGo

We have officially kicked off fund raising on Indie GoGo. Please go to check out our site - http://www.indiegogo.com/TRANSIENTS - and donate! There will soon be videos and other links up on the page. The site offers a number of great ways to connect other people to our fundraising, so if you would be so kind, link it to your facebook, myspace, and any other social networking sites. There is also a widget you can grab, so post our fundraising widget on your website or blog. We are raising a good deal of funds, but we still need your help. Indie GoGo has been a great resource for us, and we hope you will contribute through it. Keep checking in for new updates. Thanks!

01 July 2010

Meet Alex Lotz - Editor

Alex Lotz holds a BFA in Film Production from Chapman University with a minor in Germanic Studies, and has been making films on social, political, and philosophical subjects since being recognized as a semi-finalist in the National Coalition Against Censorship’s Free Speech And Democracy Film Contest as a senior in high school. He recently edited “Liberation”, a narrative film integrating news footage in portraying the exile of the Shah of Iran. 7th Art Releasing distributed this short film theatrically with the feature documentary “The Queen And I”. His short film “Recompense” screened at the St. Louis International Film Festival. He also produced and edited television commercials for small businesses and the MyNetworkTV affiliate in St. Louis, as well as video on urban issues for newgeography.com.

Meet Eric Soth - Co-Producer

Eric Soth is a filmmaker and artist working in Culver City, California. Eric developed his creative skills in the local community of artists and activists while growing up in the unique town of Fairfield, Iowa. After receiving his B.F.A. in Film Production from Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, Eric worked on a variety of films, music videos, and documentaries. He recently completed producing the film "Vagaries of Lost Dreamers" and directed the latest music video for Canadian musician and filmmaker Peter Foldy. As a filmmaker, Eric aims to create engaging films that promote meaningful thought and dialogue about art and life.

Meet Michael Cox - Co-Producer/First AD

Michael Cox grew up in Northern California. While in high school, he planned and organized three student film festivals, which raised over ten thousand dollars for local charities. His sophomore and junior years at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts were spent crafting a documentary about community and art in his hometown. After completion, he took the film on the road during the summer of 2008, screening it at parks, libraries, and college campuses across America. Michael sees film as an open discourse, a way to shape and communicate with the people and world around him.