18 June 2010

Meet Catherine MacKinnon - Producer

Canadian-born Catherine MacKinnon’s award-winning film “I’m Not From Hear” (2003) was shown at 20 different film festivals. She has worked in 25 productions including short films, television, documentaries, and feature films as a Producer, Co-Producer, Production Coordinator, Consultant and Director. She is a Co-Producer of an indie feature film, “HAMILL”. As a performer, Catherine participated in The Vagina Monologues, with Vanessa Vaughan, Rachel McAdams, and Shirley Douglas in the 2006 V-Day Toronto production, as well as provided atmospheric vocals in the feature film “Silent Hill” starring Sean Bean, Radha Mitchell, and Jodelle Ferland. Her recent acting gig was in a comedy-improv show “Kenny vs Spenny”. She also performed with the ensemble, “Voices of Chornobyl”, a co-production of Deaf West Theatre and Anataeus Theater. Catherine is a co-founder and a Festival Director of Toronto International Deaf Film and Arts Festival. She is currently finishing up her documentary short “Unheard Voices” and produced short films, “At What Price” (2009) and “Robbed” (2010). She is currently attached to produce “Rise From the Ashes”, a feature-length documentary. Catherine graduated from Ryerson University School of Image Arts with a BFA in Film Studies.

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