09 June 2010

Why "Transients"?

I'm currently traveling on the east coast for conferences and meetings regarding disability and hearing loss issues, as well as meeting with friends and supporters of the film. A few times I have been asked, "Why 'Transients'?" Those asking either do not know what the word means, or they ask if it has to do with homeless people. Yes, "transient" is a word that can be used to describe homeless people, but this is not a film about homeless people. "Transient", for me, evokes imagery related to physical spaces that we occupy temporarily. The central characters in the film, Sal and Sandrine, are passing through an arts festival seeking a "space" for a short time, and what happens during the time they pass through this "space" forms the foundation of the film. They create art. They find each other. They struggle...and struggle again. They grow. The means by which they grow come down to effective communication with one another and confronting truths about their own selves.

This is not a film about "overcoming" obstacles. This is a film about learning how to dance with everything that you've got.

~Rhianon Gutierrez
Director and Writer

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