28 November 2010

Evelyn Glennie

I first saw Dame Evelyn Glennie in Thomas Riedelsheimer's Touch the Sound.  I was profoundly affected by the film's images and the words of Evelyn.  Though I am not a musician, her vision resonated with me in ways that no other artists' had.  The first time I saw her perform was at UCLA's Royce Hall in December 2007 with my good friend Christina.  The second time was at DC's Kennedy Center during the International VSA Arts Festival in June 2010 with my actor, Douglas Ridloff.  I insisted that he come with me to see her perform because she inspired the character of Sal. 

After her amazing concert, Doug and I stood in line to meet her and have her autograph a CD.

Thank you, Evelyn, for challenging the world to rethink how we experience sound.

Be sure to watch her TED video; English captions are available.

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