18 June 2010



Marco Aiello:
Marco Aiello is the type of artist that can't be defined. Still, whether he is singing commercial jingles like the "Hello Good Buy" Beatles cover for the immensely successful Target campaign, recording, singing and touring with his own original music, portraying drug dealers or serial killers for dramatic television shows such as "Criminal Minds" or portraying hilarious characters like "Festus" for the Nickelodeon hit comedy "Victorious" - you can't help but notice the thread that connects all his work: an authentic presence and voice. He thinks of himself as a student of the arts and strives to be a great artist - like those who came before who practiced being formless and available to be moved by the mysterious creative intelligence that exists within every human being.

As Gabe:
Italian-born, charismatic, and intense, Gabe is a talented musician and the best friend of Sal. He and Sal were roommates and music majors in college, and they have performed together off and on for the past eight years. They are like brothers; Sal is an only child and Gabe is the only one in his family who lives in the United States. He is good at learning other languages, though he does not know ASL. Sal and Gabe were patient with each other in college, which helped Gabe to develop his English language skills, and Sal to have a person who was patient with him when speaking. Gabe has been learning new material but Sal is still stuck playing the same beats.

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