15 June 2010



Douglas Ridloff:
Douglas Ridloff began his life in Queens, New York. After graduating from Gallaudet University, Douglas went on to get a MA in Deaf Education. In Manhattan, Douglas began a partnership and co-produced ASL in the Raw, a successful show that capitalized on working “blue.” ASL in the Raw ran for three years and was noted in New York’s Time Out Magazine twice. His ASL work has proved award-worthy, winning national competitions such as ASL Live! and Deaf Idol. Douglas has defined himself by doing a mixture of improv, stand up comedy, stylized ASL genres, and short films. Douglas shares his expertise as a teacher of ASL and Digital Media at PS047 – The American Sign Language and English Secondary School in New York City. You can read more about him at http://douglasridloff.blogspot.com.

As Sal:

Sal is an intelligent, perceptive, charismatic, and proud musician. He was born deaf as the only child of hearing parents who were musicians. Refusing to be defeated by his hearing loss, Sal’s family raised him as oral in the mainstream and surrounded him with music. Sal’s father taught him how to play percussion and pushed him to be the best musician that he could be. It was in college that Sal discovered ASL and began to use it as his main language. For many years, Sal poured everything into his music. He struggles to have the right attitude—he expects everyone to immediately accommodate him, and if they do not, he does not bother with them. He wants to grow but does not know how because he believes that no one will help him.

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