15 June 2010

Sandrine - TEAL SHERER


Teal Sherer is an actress, producer, and activist for performers with disabilities. Her first Hollywood acting job was the Emmy Award winning film, WARM SPRINGS, where she also served as an advisor to the lead actor, Kenneth Branagh. Currently, Teal recurs on the hit award-winning web series, THE GUILD, playing a villain named Venom. Teal has performed onstage with Dustin Hoffman, Annette Bening, James Cromwell, Rosario Dawson, and Richard Schiff. Earlier this year, she starred in the Pulitzer Prize winning play, PROOF, in which she received rave reviews. Teal has produced four plays in Los Angeles, three of which included the talents of performers with disabilities. In addition to acting and producing, Teal teaches dance and drama classes to kids with autism. Read more about her on her website: www.tealsherer.com.

As Sandrine:
Sandrine is an artist who creates using nature as her canvas. An artist her whole life, she is creative, independent, practical, compassionate, stubborn, and self-critical. When Sandrine was 27, while returning from a road trip with friends, she was in a car accident. She was the only one who emerged with significant injuries, fracturing her spinal cord. Her sense of independence was shattered when she was in the accident. She moved back home with her parents, who treated her as if she were a delicate child in the beginning stages of her injury. Because she has been so fiercely independent most of her life, she struggles with the reality of her disability.

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